More than ever, stand and Defend Your Rights! December 7, 2015 13:10

The agenda to control our rights is upon us, the very thing our forefathers stood to defend and fought for is being tossed around as an evil by those who wish to control your rights. But we must not back down and allow those with political agendas to take away our right to defend ourselves. Your right to keep and bear arms Shall Not Be must stand and Defend Your Rights! SNBI Clothing Co. was founded on the ideals of our Constitution, those ideals stand for the American people and serves as a reminder that we have rights. So as propaganda and the media try to demonize our rights as a danger to the community we must remember that those few who look to do evil in the world should not overshadow the good people who would use their right to defend those who are innocent and defenseless.  

Frank A. Castillo

Founder, SNBI Clothing Co.