More than ever, stand and Defend Your Rights! December 7, 2015 13:10

The agenda to control our rights is upon us, the very thing our forefathers stood to defend and fought for is being tossed around as an evil by those who wish to control your rights. But we must not back down and allow those with political agendas to take away our right to defend ourselves. Your right to keep and bear arms Shall Not Be must stand and Defend Your Rights! SNBI Clothing Co. was founded on the ideals of our Constitution, those ideals stand for the American people and serves as a reminder that we have rights. So as propaganda and the media try to demonize our rights as a danger to the community we must remember that those few who look to do evil in the world should not overshadow the good people who would use their right to defend those who are innocent and defenseless.  

Frank A. Castillo

Founder, SNBI Clothing Co.


You never know who your going to run into! June 8, 2015 13:21

As a new start up we decided that taking it on the road and hitting some local gun shows in our area was the best way to get some exposure for SNBI Clothing besides our social media and online advertising efforts. Well this last weekend proved to be a success as we met a lot of great people and made a few new friends. The kicker is we not only ran into Andrew from GY6vids (pictured below) but we had the chance to hang out all weekend. If your not familiar with GY6vids just check out his YouTube Channel, over 228,000 subscribers and more than 19 million views combined on the subject of guns. He tests them, blows things up and reviews new products on his channel all while standing and defending the concepts and reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment. Meeting him was a pleasure and it's great to meet like minded individuals who stand and support our rights along with his support of small companies who are pro 2A. Look for Andrew to be sporting our hash tag Don't Infringe shirt in one of his upcoming videos so make sure to check out his latest review on the double barrel 1911 and subscribe to his channel for more great videos.

Frank A. Castillo

Founder, SNBI Clothing Co.



First Look: SNBI Clothing Co. May 9, 2015 08:27

SNBI Clothing Co. is a new lifestyle clothing line for today's Patriot, for those who believe that their rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Whether you shoot, skate, lift or hike our line represents those with a lifestyle that fights for our constitutional RIGHTS!

Here's a first look at a few of our shirts, we offer apparel that is designed, printed and made in America!